Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management
‘ Our main product is peace of mind ‘

Our department is composed of doctors with a vast experience in case management, which constitutes one of the fundamental pillars that mark our difference, as a primary cost effective tool.

The activities of the department have a prospective focus of the case, which is initiated with the adequate recognition of the magnitude of the event, possibilities of complications, alternatives of treatments and application of national regulations previously established, basing on the most recognized norms of diagnosis and processing.

SunMed International Case Management Services include:

-Coordination of Medical Appointments and Hospital Admissions
-Follow-up of on-going treatment plans
-Follow up ambulatory cases
-Cost Estimation
-Discharge Planning

Our team of Case managers will be monitoring and providing authorization of the benefit based on the medical necessities of our members, the clinical information, condition of eligibility and exclusions.
The coordination of service is carried out with a preferred provider of the national network and/or our international network.